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From A Window Or Two

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on March 26, 2009 by alanburton09

This is my first attempt at ‘blogging’, and is undertaken in the hopes of promoting my new book: ‘From A Window Or Two – Memoirs of a Distant Mind’.

This is a provocative look at my life as a series of captured moments in time.

Some of these might have a ring of familiarity to you, and some might not.

However, I feel that they do demonstrate the various ways that we remember ourselves by looking at what has happened to us, why and when.

This work deals with relationships, children, friends, events, and thoughts, that mirror my often peculiar development as a member of this human race.


Life is a series of moments on a string, following each other toward an unknown destiny.

Here, in this book, I try to isolate – albeit briefly – some of those moments of mine, so I can revel in the absurdity of my life in these times.


Since there is not a truly consecutive nature to many moments, I have divided this work into sections rather than traditional chapters. This way I can include various themes and directions that my life has followed without encouraging a chronological ‘page by page’ approach to reading them.

In this book I write from both a humorous standpoint, as well as the distinct opposite.

My hope is that what I offer here will reach those seeking a slightly different appreciation of life’s various threads, thus demonstrating the abundant polarities of the human condition.


I do hope you take the time to read, and hopefully enjoy these writings, and return this ‘blog’ with conversation and comments, which I shall respond to with pleasure, in hopes of developing a dialogue about life and it’s multitude of peculiar moments.

A writer is a creature who lies exposed and naked between the pages – if he so chooses –

and, for me, it’s the only way to be. The life rustling between those pages is what engages my mind, and allows my words to flow.


This is why I enjoyed creating this work so much, and this is why I submit it to you.