About Alan Burton and his books

Alan Burton is a published freelance journalist, and published freelance columnist.

He has also published poetry, as well as illustrations. Mr. Burton owned and operated his own art-related business for twelve years, and is completely self-educated in most, if not all, of his accomplishments.

 He writes from both a humorous standpoint, as well as the distinct opposite. These current pieces, stretching from 1990 to the present, comprise this diversity of writing styles.

In reading ‘Fish Out Of Water’ — ‘Confessions of an After-School Teacher,’ the humorous texture is clearly evident.

In ‘The Misfits’ — ‘Tales from Behind the Wall’ a more sorrowful sphere pervades.

‘The Withering’ his collection of poetry, is deliberately mournful and depressing, as the title might imply.

With the exception of a few of his poems, Mr. Burton’s work is comprised entirely of nonfiction, relying solely on life experiences to dictate his story themes. These are his first efforts in book form.

And, although his work has appeared in several publications on numerous occasions, he feels that this medium might better demonstrate the extent of his abilities.

Mr. Burton has very few illusions.

He simply hopes that what is offered here reaches those seeking a slightly different appreciation of life’s various threads, thus demonstrating the abundant polarities of the human condition.

A native of Great Britain, Mr. Burton moved to the United States in 1968, and currently resides on the East Coast.

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