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Posted in Uncategorized on July 30, 2011 by alanburton09

Welcome to my new website.

I am promoting the various areas in which I have distinct interests.

I have continuous publishing ideas, a third book in the works, and am seeking author’s agents and publishers to fulfill those goals. Represented in this blog are the two books which I have already published. I am seeking additional marketing strategies for them as well.

Please visit the various links to see what else I am trying to accomplish: Illustrations, quotes and graphics on products, and audio voice overs. I seek aggressive agent representation in these areas. Currently, on the ‘boutique’ link, my quotes and images are available on shirts, mugs, bags, and more.

By all means, leave any messages, and/or suggestions, as to how I might attain some of these goals if you so choose. I look forward to reading them. There is also a direct link to my Facebook account here in this blog, and my email address, should you choose to contact me that way.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this site, and please, share it with all of your friends, and anyone who might enjoy sense of humor on products and in print.

Thank you