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Bloomington, IN, August 11, 2009— In “A Wayward Wizard’s Wistful Words,” author Alan Burton stimulates his readers’ minds by capturing numerous moments in time through witty quotes he has accumulated over the years. Burton compiled several short quotes that he shaped through his career as a writer thus far. These quotes span a plethora of topics and situations Burton encountered, touching on love, work, family and more.


Burton is no stranger to self-expression; he is a published poet, journalist, illustrator and now author. The inspiration for this book came from frequent, short notes Burton would jot down in his folders while working. These snippets portray lessons and thoughts about morals, knowledge, inspiration, chaos and many other life issues.

His quotes are short and simple but also thought-provoking, insightful and often humorous. “A Wayward Wizard’s Wistful Words” has something for everyone to enjoy, ponder or discuss. The topics of quotes are endless, and any page of this book is sure to stir up conversation. Burton freezes simple moments in life, adds his insight, and creates meaning through his passages.

“Success is determined by how much it cost you to attain it.”

“There are two important things in life: One is memory, and the other one I forgot.”

“After age forty, celebrating a birthday is an insult.”

“Aspiring for what one has not yet accomplished

Is the only true measure of self-worth.”

Paperback, 58

ISBN: 9781438945514

Retail Price: $8.40

“A Wayward Wizard’s Wistful Words” is available at, and

About the Author:

Alan Burton was born in Great Britain and moved to the United States in 1968. He is a published freelance journalist and columnist. His poetry and illustrations are also among his published work. His writing style is concise, simple and humorous leaving room for interpretation. He currently resides on the East Coast.

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